A new space to engage with issues in contemporary moving image culture

In a time when much UK public funding is spent on creating a sustainable film industry rather than film culture, discussion of film is often limited to reviews of new releases and the support of the commercial sector. It seems in Britain today we've lost the facility of talking about film as an artform.

Here, at The Cinema of Ideas, we want to change this by providing an open space for the discussion of contemporary British film culture. This is a vital space to reflect on cinema's heritage, and explore how cinema both reflects and shapes the culture and time in which we live. We aim to engage with how current cross-art platforms inform new developments in practice.

The Cinema of Ideas is be a regular physical and cultural space encouraging debate through the exchange of ideas in an open forum. Public events are free, open to all and will be made available to download as podcasts for those who cannot physically

To read more about the history and thinking behind The Cinema of Ideas download the article from Vertigo magazine.


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